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Colonists and disgruntled Starfleet officers who opposed a new Cardassian/Federation Treaty because Starfleet and the United Federation of  Planets abandoned some of their colonies in DMZ zone. The Maquis are freedom fighters who are outlaws to the Federation and the Cardassian's.

Maquis Freedom Fighter Name Status
Ex: Ayala  
Ex: Kurt Bedera Dead
Ex: Chakotay  
Ex: Chell  
Ex: Kenneth Dalby  
Ex: Doyle  
Ex: Gerron  
Ex: Mariah Henley  
Ex: Hogan Dead
Ex: Michael Jonas Dead
Ex: Jor  
Ex: Seska Dead
Ex: Lon Suder Dead
Ex: Tabor  
Ex: B'Elanna Torres  
Ex: Yosa