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Season 1

Caretaker Part One and Part Two

Teleplay by Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor

Story by Rick Berman and Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars: Caretaker/Banjo Man-Basil Langton , Jabin-Gavin O'Herlihy, Aunt Adah-Angela Paton, and Quark-Armin Shimerman

Co-Stars: Lieutenant Stadi-Alicia Coppola, Ocampa Doctor-Bruce French, Ocampa Nurse-Jennifer Parsons, Toscat-David Selburg, Human Doctor-Jeff McCarthy, Mark-Stan Ivar, Rollins-Scott MacDonald, Carey-Josh Clark, Gul Evek-Richard Poe, Farmer's Daughter-Keely Sims, Daggin-Eric David Johnson, and Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation Colonists along the Cardassian border have banded together. Calling themselves "The Maquis," they continue to fight the Cardassians. Some consider them heroes, but to the governments of the Federation and Cardassia, they are outlaws.

    Voyager's Chief of Security named Lieutenant Commander Tuvok has infiltrated the Maquis Crew led by former Starfleet Officer Chakotay and Tuvok helped them get away from a Cardassian ship by heading into the Badlands but disappear.

    Captain Kathryn Janeway recruits Starfleet prisoner Tom Paris to help find the Vulcan Tuvok on a three week mission in the Badlands who is now a former Maquis to guide U.S.S. Voyager through the Badlands, but his presence on Voyager is unwelcomed on to many of Voyager's crew. Tom Paris who is now a Lieutenant befriends Starfleet Academy graduate Ensign Harry Kim who looks past his past including getting drummed out of Starfleet.

    A coherent tetrion beam of unknown origin scans U.S.S. Voyager sweeping the ship from the Badlands to the Delta Quadrant over 70,000 light-years from home and Federation space. An alien Array his captured the Maquis ship and U.S.S. Voyager.

    The coherent tetrion beam has caused severe damage to U.S.S. Voyager killing over half the crew and nearly causing a warp core breach from a microfracture.

    Captain Kathryn Janeway does not give into the holographic setting and Voyager's crew is taken prisoner and put through painful experiments and both crews are returned to their proper ships but each crew is missing a member for the Maquis B'Elanna Torres and Starfleet Ensign Harry Him.

    B'Elanna Torres is a half-human and half Klingon engineer from the Maquis.

    Captain Kathryn Janeway and Chatokay formed an uneasy alliance to find their missing crewmembers and an away team confronts the only apparent inhabitant but he sends them back to U.S.S. Voyager's bridge because does not have time to answer their questions because he is dying.

    Ensign Harry Kim and Maquis B'Elanna Torres are sent to an underground city for the Ocampa and placed in a medical facility for an unknown malady. They introduce themselves to one and another after B'Elanna Torres wakes up again.

    U.S.S. Voyager's crew and the Maquis trace the energy pulses to the fifth planet from the Array. Captain Kathryn Janway has limited options and has to get some answers on the fifth planet, also she promises Lieutenant Commander Tuvok that she will do what can be done to the Starfleet and Maquis crews back home.

    Ensign Harry Kim and Maquis B'Elanna Torres learn that an environmental disaster caused by the Caretaker forcing the Ocampa race underground while they continue  their treatment and found out that the Ocampa lived underground for 500 generations. The Caretaker met the Ocampa needs ever since the environmental disaster occured.

    An away team comprised of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Chakotay, Neelix, now Lieutenant Tom Paris, and Captain Kathryn Janeway but later on Kes is beamed back to U.S.S. Voyager. After meeting the Kazon-Ogla in which has taken possession of the surface mining for the rich cormaline deposits. Major Jabin refuses to help Captain Kathryn Janeway for water from U.S.S. Voyager. They want Voyager's technology.

    In the underground city of the Ocampa Ensign Harry Kim and now Chief Engineer persuade and Ocampa Nurse two miles underground to show them a route to the surface. While the Array has increased the pulse rates Tuvok theorizes what the pulses are for indicate that the Caretaker is dying and the Ocampa get a surplus of power for five years. The Array fires weapons at the surface to seal all the energy conduits Everyone on the away team gets safely back to U.S.S. Voyager.

    The Maquis ship and Voyager fight the Kazon-Ogla over the Array but Captain Kathryn Janeway decides to destroy it to protect the Ocampa race. Chakotay's ship is destroyed forcing Chakotay and his crew to become apart of U.S.S. Voyager's crew to get back to home.


Teleplay by Brannon Braga

Story by Jim Trombetta

Directed by Kim Friedman

Guest Stars: Seska-Martha Hackett, Lieutenant Joe Carey-Josh Clark

Co-Star: Javin-Justin Williams

    The Maquis and Starfleet crew have disagreements with each other causing Tuvok to want to put B'Elanna Torres in the brig and the Maquis to want to mutiny, but Commander Chakotay puts a stop to both plans. Kes and Neelix want to make themselves more useful and Captain Kathryn Janeway agrees with the plan and the meeting is interrupted when the ship is jolted by spartial distortions by a Type-4 quantum singularity. The crew gets a subspace tractor beam ready but the plan fails and it turns out that it is Voyager itself trapped in the quantum singularity and the ship escapes safely.

Time and Again

Teleplay by David Kemper and Michael Piller

Story by David Kemper

Directed by Les Landau

Guest Stars: Makull-Nicolas Surovy, Terla-Joel Polis, Latika-Brady Bluhm

Co-Stars: Shopkeeper-Ryan MacDonald, Officer-Steve Vaught, Guard-Jerry Spicer

    Lieutenant Tom Paris pressures Ensign Harry Kim to do a double date with the Delaney sisters, but suddenly U.S.S. Voyager is rocked by a huge shockwave from a nearby M-Class planet that had a cataclysmic explosion and resulted in all life being extinguished. Kes was complied to go to the bridge by a dream of the tragedy of a pre-warp civilization being destroyed by polaric ion explosions in which has fractured subspace. A group of protesters try to get the government to listen to what they have to say, but the explosion was due to Captain Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Tom Paris's rescue attempt that was the cause of the polaric ion explosion in the future. The timeline gets restored when Captain Kathryn Janeway keeps their rescue attempt from hitting the conduit wall with her hand phaser.


Teleplay by Skye Dent and Brannon Braga

Story by Timothy DeHaas

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars: Dereth-Cully Fredricksen, Motura-Stephen B. Rappaport, Seska-Martha Hackett

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Captain Kathryn Janeway is not pleased to see Neelix turn her private dining room become a makeshift galley or mess hall for the Voyager crew. Captain Kathryn Janeway and Neelix are called to the bridge before she can discuss of explain the protocols and getting permission to redesign parts of U.S.S. Voyager. Voyager desperately needs raw dilithium for the energy low ship. Neelix is attacked by Vidiian for his lungs and leaves for dead and she leads an away team back to the planet surface in which they a medical lab filled full of harvested organs but Neelix's lungs are not there. Voyager's Doctor creates holographic lungs from transporter's identification matrix. These lungs means Neelix will have to stay confined in an isotropic restraint for the rest of his life. Voyager follows the Vidiian ship to an alien made asteroid but they are warned not to attack anymore Voyager crewmembers. Kes gives Neelix one of her lungs to live with.

The Cloud

Teleplay by Tom Szollosi and Michael Piller

Story by Brannon Braga

Directed by David Livingston

Guest Stars: Ricky-Angela Dohrmann, Sandrine-Judy Geeson, Gaunt Gary-Larry A. Hankins, Gigolo-Luigi Amodeo

    Captain Kathryn Janeway is worried about low crew morale and ability to mingle and get to know her crew, and she decides to raise spirits by exploring a nebula but is really a life form that U.S.S. Voyager hurts unknownly. Voyager's crew use a nucleonic beam first but later on use the ship as a conduit to repair or suture the wound caused by a photon torpedoe. Ensign Harry Kim invites Captain Kathryn Janeway to Sandrines and surprises her with her pool-playing expertise.

Eye of the Needle

Teleplay by Bill Dial and Jeri Taylor

Story by Hilary J. Bader

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars: Telek-Vaughn Armstrong, Lieutenant Baxter-Tom Virtue

    Ensign Harry Kim finds a wormhole that could lead to the Alpha Quadrant but instead leads to 20 years in the past. Kes begins to train with the Doctor to become a medical assistant in Voyager's sickbay. She gets surprised by the rudeness of the crew towards the EMH. The captain of the ship is a Romulan sciencist who is suspicious of Voyager's communication from the Delta Quadrant and becomes more sympathic to Voyager plight and considers sending the crew's messages to their families. Telek allows himself to be transported to Voyager but does not allow Starfleet Officers to beam to his ship. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok discovers a time rift in the wormhole and tells the that Telek died in 2367 four years short of the opportunity to pass their messages to the Voyager crew's families.

Ex Post Facto

Teleplay by Evan Carlos Somers and Michael Piller

Story by Evan Carlos Somers

Directed by LeVar Burton

Guest Stars: Lidell Ren-Robin McKee, Minister Kray- Francis Guinan, Banean Docter-Aaron Lustig, Tolan Ren-Ray Reinhardt

Co-Star: Numiri Captain-Henry Brown

    Kes and the Doctor are talking about what names to choose from or picked when Ensign Harry Kim is beamed to sickbay dehydrated and barely able to speak from Banean interrogated for they think Ensign Harry Kim was spy. Lieutenant Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim went to the Banean home world to get help repairing Voyager's damaged collimator recalls Ensign Harry Kim weakly to Captain Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok for a Lieutenant Tom Paris did not commite. The Numiri get turned away without Lieutenant Tom Paris two time once before Tuvok does a mind meld and once after the mind meld that proves Lieutenant Tom Paris is innocence because the Banean Doctor and Lidell Ren where using Tom Paris get information to the Numiri but both are arrested in front of the key players revealing that there was a traitor.


Written by Brannon Braga

Directed by David Livingston

Guest Stars: Doctor Neria-Jerry Hardin, Hatil Garan-Jefrey Alan Chandler, Ptera-Cecile Callan, Seska-Martha Hackett, Hatil's Wife-Robin Groves

Co-Star: Alien 1-John Cirigilano

    Commander Chakotay, Ensign Harry Kim, and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres believe they found a new element on an asteroid but it was a grave yard for the Vhnori that they where investigating so Chakotay would not allow tricorders to be used instead orders the away team to use their eyes only. The Doctor revives Ptera and Voyager's Captain trys to return her to the Vhnori home world, but dies during transport through the vacuole that brings Ensign Harry Kim back to U.S.S. Voyager.

Prime Factors

Teleplay by Michael Perricone and Greg Elliot

Story by David R. George 3 and Eric A. Stillwell

Directed by Les Landau

Guest Stars: Gath-Ronald Guttsman, Eudana-Yvonne Suhor, Jaret-Andrew Hill Newman, Seska-Martha Hackett, Lieutenant Joe Carey-Josh Clark

    Gath Labin invites the Voyager crew to have shore leave on his planet for its reputation of hospitable inhabitants that want stories for their wants and needs only. Ensign Harry Kim realizes that the spatial trajector would take Voyager's crew closer to planet Earth. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok breaks the Sikarian cannon of laws that is close the Prime Directive.

State of Flux

Teleplay by Chris Abbott

Story by Paul Robert Coyle

Directed by Robert Scheerer

Guest Stars: Seska-Martha Hackett, Lieutenant Joe Carey-Josh Clark, Culluh-Anthony DeLongis

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barett

    An away team is on a planet getting food supplies for U.S.S. Voyager when a Kazon-Nistrim ship is found in orbit and later disabled. Ensign Seska is not with the away team and isi hiding from a pair of Kazon in which she gave them a food replicactor that caused the explosion on the Kazon Nistrim ship in which has a .41 percent trace of neosorium composite. Ensign Seska gets hurt in the nucleonic radiation field.

Heroes and Demons

Written by Naren Shankar

Directed by Les Landau

Guest Stars: Freya-Marjorie Monaghan, Unferth-Christopher Neame, King Hrothgar-Michael Keenan

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Ensign Harry Kim goes missing when is running the Beowulf program on the holodeck and Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok's scans reveal that some of the photonic material has infiltrated the holodeck. Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok go missing as well when they run into Grendel, forcing Captain Kathryn Janeway to send in the Doctor and he also runs into Grendel but at the end he returns the rest of the photonic material and the holodeck returns to normal causing Ensign Harry Kim, Commander Chakotay, and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok to reappear.


Teleplay by Brannon Braga

Story by Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky

Directed by Kim Friedman

Guest Stars: Lieutenant Pete Durst-Brian Markinson, Lord Burleigh-Michael Cumpsty, Mrs. Templeton-Carolyn Seymour

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Captain Kathryn Janeway's holonovel is interrupted by a badly damaged shuttled manned by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok who is has a concussion, and Commander Chakotay who is brain dead and are beamed to sickbay right away. Captain Kathryn Janeway had transferred  all command codes to the Doctor. Captain Kathryn Janeway realizes that Lieutenant Commander Tuvok is lying to get Voyager in to the Komar nebula. He forces the bridge crew to stand where he could see them all. Commander Chakotay saved the ship by attacking Tuvok and trying to keep the ship out of the dark matter nebula.


Teleplay by Kenneth Biller

Story by Jonathan Glassner and Kenneth Biller

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars: Lieutenant Pete Durst/Sulan-Brian Markinson, Vidiian Guard 1-Rob LaBelle, Talaxian-Barton Tinapp

    Sulan has taken B'Elanna Torres's Klingon genetic material because her Klingon DNA has Phage resistant nucleotide sequences that could cure the Phage. Lieutenant Tom Paris and Lieutenant Pete Durst are surpised by the human looking Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres. Comander Chakotay, Ensign Harry Kim, and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok look for their missing away team. The human and Klingon B'Elanna Torres hope to bring down the force field using Vidiian technology but set off the alarm by accident causing Sulan to return to the lab but are saved by Commander Chakotay disguised as a Vidiian in which Lieutenant Tom Paris to the lab. B'Elanna Torres's Klingon half saves the human half by taking Sulan's shot meant for the human B'Elanna Torres.


Teleplay by Jack Klein and Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller

Story by James Thomton and Scott Nimerfro

Directed by Kim Friedman

Guest Stars: Jetrel-James Sloyan, Gaunt Gary-Larry Hankin

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Ma'Bor Jetrel uses Voyager's transporter to try and bring the people killed by the metreon cascade killing over 30,000 Talaxians and wants to undo the damage he caused from free mtereon isotopes that caused a fatal blood disease but Ma'Bor Jetrel has the fatal blood disease and it is in its final stage. The scientist named Ma'Bor Jetrel renders Neelix unconscious, and admits to his true plan to use Voyager's transporter system. Neelix decides to forgive the Haakonian scientist leaving him with semblance of peace at the end of his life.

Learning Curve

Written by Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louise Matthias

Directed by David Livingston

Guest Stars: Kenneth Dalby-Armand Schultz, Chell-Derek McGrath, Gerron-Kenny Morrison, Mariah Henley-Catherine MacNeal

Co-Stars: Henry-Thomas Dekker, Beatrice-Lindsey Haun, Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Crewman Kenneth Dalby disrupts power by accident while making unauthorized repair and Tuvok tells Crewman Kenneth Dalby that their are protocols on Voyager. Commander Chakotay picks Crewman Chell, Crewman Gerron, Crewman Mariah Henley, and Crewman Kenneth Dalby to take Starfleet training session but they balk until Commander Chakotay gets the point across. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and his students get trapped in the cargo bay with noxious fumes and helps three of the four students escape and goes back for the fourth himself and his black sheep band together to save Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and Crewman Gerron and Crewman Kenneth Dalby notes if he can break the rules they can learn to follow the rules on U.S.S. Voyager.


Written by Brannon Braga

Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Special Guest Star: Barclay-Dwight Schultz

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Voyager's Doctor is trapped on the holodeck due to a kinplasmic radiation surge that has affected the imaging system on U.S.S. Voyager. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay almost got the Doctor to destroy his own program if Commander Chakotay had not stopped to Doctor.


Teleplay by Kenneth Biller and Jeri Taylor

Story by Jimmy Diggs and Steve J. Kay

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Star: Samantha Wildman-Nancy Hower

Co-Star: Crewmember-Gary O'Brien, Crewmember-Terry Correll

    A swarm of aliens causes Kes to go into the elogium for child bearing. Voyager's crew has to find a way out the swarm without harm them and a giant thing from the swarm thinks that U.S.S. Voyager is its rival and bats the ship around like a toy and Voyager bumps it back but makes it more anger but Commander Chakotay suggest that U.S.S. Voyager act submissively by mimicking the actions of the smaller creatures


Teleplay by Kenneth Biller

Story by Arnold Rudnick and Rich Hosek

Directed by Kim Friedman

Guest Stars: Sandrine-Judy Geeson, Gaunt Gary-Larry A. Hankin, Lieutenant Baxter-Tom Virtue

Co-Star: Crewmember-Terry Correll

    Lieutenant Commander Tuvok leaves Lieutenant Ayala in command while he looked for the Senior Staff on the holodeck and runs into Commander Chakotay and losses Neelix. A spatial distortion leaves new information in Voyager's database while downloading Voyager's database to say hello. The Senior Staff finishs Kes surprise birthday party on the Bridge.

The 37's

Written by Jeri Taylor and Brannon Braga

Directed by James L. Conway

Guest Stars: Evansville-John Rubinstein, Noonan-David Graf, Hayes-Mel Winkler, Nogami-James Saito, and Amelia Earhart-Sharon Lawrence

    U.S.S. Voyager lands on a planet for the first time because of 1936 Ford truck they found in space and the 37's in suspended animation. Captain Kathryn Janeway says that they had been abducted by the Briori. The humans on the planet mistake Voyager's crew for the Briori and Captain Kathryn Janeway's team comes out into the middle of fire fight with unknown aliens that turn out to be human with Commander Chakotay's security team. Voyager's whole crew choose to leave with her.

Season 2



Written by Kenneth Biller

Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars: Kar-Aron Eisenberg, Razik-Patrick Kilpatrick, Haliz-Tim DeZarn

    The Kazon Ogla helps Voyager's away team find Commander Chakotay and forming an alliance with the Kazon Olga. Kar is unable to kill to Commander Chakotay and steal Federation technoloogy. The Kazon Olga do not attack Voyager because the ship is by their training moon.

Non Sequitur

Written by Brannon Braga

Directed by David Livingston

Guest Stars: Cosimo-Louis Giamblvo, Libby-Jennifer Gatti, Admiral Strickler-Jack Shearer, Lieutenant Lasca-Mark Kiely

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett


    Ensign Harry Kim knows that he is in the wrong timeline and wants to get back to U.S.S. Voager and the correct timeline with the help of Tom Paris from the alternate timeline. Ensign Harry Kim is greatful for Tom Paris's help in returning him to the correct timeline.


Written by Tom Szollosi

Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Lieutenant Tom Paris and Neelix fight in the mess but the fight is inturrpted by Captain Kathryn Janeway calling them to her ready room. Voyager goes into the atmosphere for six minutes before it becomes unstable again.

Persistence of Vision

Written by Jeri Taylor

Directed by James L. Conway

Guest Stars: Lord Burleigh-Michael Cumpsty, Mrs. Templeton-Carolyn Seymour, Mark-Stan Ivar, Admiral Paris-Warren Munson, Beatrice-Lindsey Haun, Henry-Thomas Dekker, Bothan-Patrick Kerr, T'Pel-Marva Hicks

Co-Star: Computer Voice-Majel Barrett

    Voyager's crew start hallucinating and almost loss their until Kes frees them from the hallucinations with resonance burst from the warp core as a permanent solution.


Teleplay by Michael Piller

Story by Larry Brody

Directed by Alexander Singer

Guest Stars: Kolopak-Henry Darrow, Alien-Richard Fancy, Young Chakotay-Douglas Spain, Samantha Wildman-Nancy Hower, Chief-Richard Chaves

Co-Stars: Antonio-Joseph Palmas, Computer Voice

    U.S.S. Voager almost crashes onto planet surface due to a cyclone that appears to ward off intruders. Commander Chakotay gets the Sky-Spirits to stop the cyclone and gaves Voyager some of the supplies the ship needs.










































































































































































































































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