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Starfleet crew up holds the Prime Directive and Temporal Prime Directive to keep the timeline from being contaminated while on their journey home to the Alpha Quadrant.

Senior Officers

Rank Crewmember Name Position
Captain Kathryn Janeway Commanding Officer
Commander Chakotay First Officer
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok Chief of Security
Lieutenant Tom Paris Chief Helmsman
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres Chief Engineer
Ensign Harry Kim Operations Manger
Chief Medical Officer N/A Doctor
Civilian Kes Head of Hydroponics/Airponics
Civilian Seven of Nine Head of Astrometrics Lab


Junior Officers

Rank Crewmember Name Position
Ensign Lang Security Officer/Operations Officer/Tactical Officer
Crewman Timothy Lang Technician/Security Officer
Ensign Ashmore Engineer
Lieutenant Ayala 2371-2377 (Security Officer) 2377 (CONN Officer)
Ensign Lindsay Ballard Ex: Engineer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Walter Baxter Security Officer
Ensign Pable Baytart CONN Officer
Crewman Kurt Bendera (Dead) Engineer
Crewman Boylan Engineer
Ensign Doug Bronowski Airponics
Lieutenant Joe Carey (Dead) Engineer
Lieutenant William Chapman Structural Engineer
Ensign Culhane Command/CONN
Ensign Marie Kaplan (Dead) Tactical Officer
Ensign Martin (Dead) Transporter Officer/Operations Officer
Ensign Mendez Engineer
Crewman Mitchell Junction Room Operator
Ensign Molina Security Officer
Ensign Mulchaey Engineer
Ensign Murphy Science Officer 2371-2372 Security Officer
Lieutenant Susan Nicoletti Engineer
Ensign Parsons Engineer
Ensign Powell Engineer
Crewman Robertson Structural Engineer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Rollins Security
Ensign Seska (Dead) Engineer
Crewman Lon Suder (Deaded retaking U.S.S. Voyager from the Kazon Nistrim.) Engineer
Crewman Swift Engineer
Ensign Swinn Engineer
Ensign Tabor Engineer
Crewman Tal Celes Sensor Analyst grade 3
Crewman Thompson Security Officer
Ensign Vorik Engineer
Civilian Naomi Wildman Captain's Asstistant
Ensign Samantha Wildman Xenobiologist/Science Officer
Crewman Yosa Engineer
Crewman Gerron Science Officer
Lieutenant Pete Durst Engineer/Security Officer
Crewman Kenneth Dalby Engineer
Ensign Jenny Delaney Stellar Cartography
Ensign Megan Delaney Stellar Cartography
Crewman Mortimer Harren Junction Room Operator
Lieutenant Hogan (Dead) Engineer
Ensign Jenkins Helmsman (Night Shift)
Ensign Ahni Jetal Engineer/Shuttle Pilot
Crewman Michael Jonas (Dead) Engineer
Crewman Hamilton Helmsman
Crewman Jor Engineer
Ensign Jurot Science Officer
Crewman Nozawa Transporter Chief
Crewman Jarvis Security
Civilian Iceb Assist's in Astrometrics Lab
Ensign Hickman Astrophysics
Lieutenant Andrews Security Officer
Crewman Frank Darwin (Dead) Engineer
Crewman Foster Security Officer
Crewman Grimes CONN
Crewman Henard Engineer
N/A Larson N/A
Crewman Noah Lessing N/A
Crewman Lewis N/A
Crewman Lydia Anderson N/A
Lieutenant Arkinson N/A
Ensign Bennet (Dead) N/A
N/A Biddle N/A
N/A Blain N/A
Ensign Freddy Bristow N/A
Ensign Brooks N/A
N/A Carlson N/A
Crewman Chell N/A
Ensign Amanda J. Crag N/A
Ensign Kyoto N/A
Ensign Mannus N/A
Ensign McCormick N/A
N/A William McKenzie Tactical Officer/Security Officer
N/A McMinn N/A
Ensign Charles Ming N/A
Crewman James Morrow N/A
Crewman Kashimuro Nozawa N/A
Crewman O'Donnell N/A
Crewman Rogers N/A
Ensign Ryson N/A
Lieutenant I. Seaman N/A
Ensign Renlay Sharr N/A
Crewman Brian Sophen N/A
Ensign Strickler N/A
Crewman William Telfer N/A
N/A Angelo Tessoni N/A
Ensign Trumari N/A
Crewman U'Lanai N/A
Lieutenant Weiss N/A
Crewman White N/A
N/A Jarvin N/A
Crewman Marla Gilmore N/A
Crewman Fitzpatrick N/A
Ensign Charles Young (Dead) N/A
Crewman Jones N/A
Lieutenant J. Lyman N/A
Crewman Orlando N/A
Crewman Peterson N/A
Crewman Platt N/A
Crewman Porter N/A
Ensign Jackson N/A
Crewman Dell N/A
Crewman Dorado N/A
N/A Doyle N/A
Crewman Emmanuel N/A
Ensign Farley N/A
Ensign Gallagher N/A
Crewman Gennaro N/A
Crewman Gibson N/A
Lieutenant Hargrove N/A
Ensign Harper N/A
Crewman Mariah Henley N/A